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 Part storyteller, part game show host, part DJ, and part madcap tour guide, award-winning author R. Scott Murphy offers the Fun Stories series of humorous eBooks, audiobooks, paperbacks and iTunes singles to help lighten your day. All of Murphy's Fun Stories eBooks have hit #1 on the Amazon Humor chart. What's more, his comedy singles "Chickfil-A Makes Me Feel Like Leonardo DiCaprio," "Shamefully Suggestive City Names," and "I'm the Freakin' Michael Phelps of Googling" hit #1 on the iTunes Comedy Songs chart. 


A four-time winner of the "Late Show with David Letterman" Top 10 List Contest, Murphy takes random to new levels in the Fun Stories series. He pulls from his vast experience to weave his wacky tales.  He's an experienced TV and radio personality, stadium announcer, advertising writer, sports announcer/producer & game show producer.  Murphy holds a master's degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and taught advertising at the University of Texas.  He won the Remi Award for script writing in the film industry.  He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, two sons, and a rescue dog named Curly.


Click for a free Fun Pack of Murphy's stories and audio singles.


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Jordan Thomas MURPHY


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